Ooooh don't we love a good freebie :-D
Well I'm sure by now you've heard or seen the wonderful offer that you get with the latest issue of Glamour, well if you don't I'll fill you in!!!I noticed on Thursday walking into work sitting on the shelf were these magazines, first i noticed the Benefit box, so I had to have a closer look :-)
So I grabbed it then realised there was 3 to collect! we had all 3 so nabbed them for myself :-D hehe! ok I'll let you know what the 3 are.......
BADgal pencil, which is a smouldering black eye pencil.... i love it already!
It stick!, which is a conceal stick....so far I give the thumbs up!
Eye bright, which is an instant eye brightnener....never used anything like this before so getting used to it.

All you have to do is buy the magazine which costs £2!!! a bargain or what!? and all 3 products are FULL SIZED! Woooo! what I will say is they are going like hot cakes.

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