Hey everyone! Hope your all doing really well??? Not sure anyone reads this hehe but I hope so :-)Me and my boyfriend have had the past week off, we've enjoyed the lovely sunshine and been to some nice places, like Bournemouth, Devon, shopping in Swindon & Bullring, Cabots circus and been around the country side :-) Oh and today we did some strawberry picking....yummmy and I was naughty and had a couple on the way round! hehe.....Here's a few items I purchased recently...

Batiste Dry shampoo in Blush £2.09 All the MUA makeup £1.00 Scarlett & Crimson Brushes £5.95 All from Superdrug

Mac's Hello kitty's beauty powder in pretty baby £11.75
Mac's glitter reflects in Reflects blue £9.25
Mac's eye mineralize shadow in Devil-may-care £10.50
All from the cosmetic company store

I hope your all enjoying the weather!!! while it lasts :-)

Take care xxxx Sarah

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