Hello Bloggers, hope your all good. I've been away for a little while and have had some bad news last week :( . But I know we all have to plod on hey....I was looking through some blogs lately and came across a tag, although no ones tagged me to do it, I just thought I'd do it :). Oh and I found it on http://legseleven7.blogspot.com/ ....I love looking at her blog! xxx

So here we go!

Where is your cell? By me on the sofa

Where is your significant other? At work

Hair colour? Brown

Mother? At her house

Father? At her house

Fave thing? Spending time with my other half, family & friends

Last dream? Was weird :-/

Dream or goal? To be married and happy, with the people I love around me

Room you're in? Living room

Hobby? Make up, jewellery collecting!

Fear? Erm big roller coasters....but am planning on over coming it soon

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy and wealthy please!

Where were you last night? Here, home

What you're not? Thin!

One of your wishlist items? Nars sheer foundation

Where you grew up? Chelt

Last thing you did? Have my dinner

What are you wearing? Comfy bottoms and hollister tee

TV? Reality

Pet? Dog

Computer? Dell

Mood? Ok

Missing Someone? Yeah

Car? Don't have one, but would like a mini cooper s

Something you're not wearing? Gloves

Fave Store? MAC

Summer? what summer?! ;) weather blah!

Love someone? Yes I do indeedy

Fave colour? Red

Last time you laughed? Today

Last time you cried? Thursday I think :(

Thats that then folks! If you want to do it too, go for it! xxx

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