Wish list right now!!! :-)

One thing I've liked for a while now is the Alexander McQueen famous skull scarf. As we all know they are pricey but well worth it! One day I would like to own my own....My friend bought one recently and seeing it up close made me want one even more :-(, may have to be good and wait for christmas...sorry the to mention that word as it's kinda scary to think we're only a few months away :-/.
I asked my friend nicely if I could try it on and of course she said yes so here's a snap shot of a silly pose with me wearing the wonderful scarf :-)
I don't know what it is but I just love it so much :-)
I don't really want to buy off ebay as there are so many fakes going around and I would hate to buy one thats not the real mccoy!

Anyho, what do you all think? let me know if you have one......

Hope your all doing great!

I'm off too make cupcakes now.....fingers crossed they turned out ok hehe xxxxxx

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