I heart New york!

I know this is a random post but I just felt the need to add it. I love NY so much and I have been lucky enough to have been there twice, my first time was in May 2007 with a very good friend and the 2nd was in March 2009. My first time was for 3 nights 4 days and to be honest we didn't do all the major tourist things, we did alot of shopping!!! but had a blast!. 2nd time was with my Boyfriend for 5 nights (I think, my memory isn't so great!) and we did all the tourist things and more! I loved it :) and I really would love to go back there soon, but we shall see. Have any of you been to NY? and what did you think?........


  1. Hi ! Lucky you.. Im really dying to come visit NY.. I hope i someday can come see it for a weekend or something..
    btw. great blogs :)
    if you want to, you can check out mine. im kinda new in here... but im trying to figure things out ;)

  2. Hey, Yes I would defo recommend NY :-)...I would say a 5-7 nights would be good esp if u wanted to do it all! lol museums and all.
    Yeah I sure will check out your blog :-) Thanks for following and liking mine, I really need to keep it upto date more...All the best with yours, I'm sure I will follow :)