Blog awards :D

Hey everyone...I hope all is well with you all???
I'm still off work on holiday, been so nice so far just shame the weather here had been not so great but hey that's the way it is :)

Ok, so I received some blog awards recently from the wonderful Sara @ http://sara-loves-pretty-little-things.blogspot.com/
and I would like to say a huge Thank you to her for this :D

So here they are....

The rules of this award are....

1)Thank the person who gave it to you.
2)Write a post about it.
3)Pass it onto 10 bloggers you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.

And I also got 3 more from Sara...so I'm going to put them all in this post :)


The rules are...
1)Link back to the person who passed you the award!
2)Share 7 random things about yourself.
3)Award 15 blogs
4)Drop them a line and tell them about it!

Here's the form to be completed:

Name your favourite color:
Red :)

Name your favourite song:
Don't have just one as I love music! but right now I'm loving Lady gaga's Edge of glory :)

Name your fav dessert:
Right now it's Strawberries and carte d'or macadamia nights...yummmmy!

What makes you mad?
Rudeness! Liars! and more!

When you're upset, you...
Go quiet

Your favourite pet:
Don't have any myself and only had a budgie when I was little so I guess he would be :)

Black or White?

Either, but wear Black more :)

Your biggest fear is...:
Losing the ones I love so much.

Your best feature is...:

Ermmm not sure :/ eyes maybe

Everyday attitude:
Keep smiling and try and make the most of it!

What is perfection?

I'm not sure what is....

Guilty pleasure:
Only way is Essex...(sorry :()
7 Random things about myself....

1)I don't drive yet!
2)I like to clean
3)I love going to see musicals....Sister Act is a fav so far! :)
4)I used to go to art college
5)Loves Ebay!
6)I wear my hair up probably to much!
7)I have one bro and one sis!

Here are my 15....in no particular order....and you may have to copy and paste links (sorry)
- http://sara-loves-pretty-little-things.blogspot.com/
- http://belleoftheblush.blogspot.com/
- http://missmakeupmaria.blogspot.com/
- http://makeupbybextacy.blogspot.com/
- http://olivia2901.blogspot.com/
- http://nail-newbie.blogspot.com/
- http://dizzybrunette3.blogspot.com/
- http://www.sophieismadeup.com/
- http://dollybowbow.blogspot.com/
- http://www.ohreallyblog.com/
- http://myaffordablebeauty.blogspot.com/
- http://makeupbysaz.blogspot.com/
- http://beauty-crush.blogspot.com/
- http://debdobdoornob.blogspot.com/
- http://pennyandlola.blogspot.com/

And that's all folks!!!!

I love you all...pinky promise!!! :D

Have a great night all :)



  1. Congrats on these awards and on your growing blog!

  2. Hey sweety! Glad you like the awards =] And reading through your list of facts was pretty funny... because it seems we'r so alike lol!
    I thought I was the only person in the world who always wears her hair up! =P

  3. Oh also just remembered to tell you that i'v tagged you to do the google game =] I hope you'l like it!

  4. Well done on the awards and thank you :) x

  5. Thank you to you all :)
    It's so nice to have lovely people like yourselves keeping an interest in my blog....it always makes me smile :) <3 you all!!!!
    LOL Sara...I was thinking the same...but it's a good thing we have things in common that's for sure :D. Ok I will check that out...thanks!!!

  6. grats for the awards, and keep it up=D


  7. Hey hey =]

    Oooh I hope you had loadsa fun seeing Glee?? =] I would love to see them live one day =] I'm hoping you took some pictures?? Cos I'd love to see!
    And I had a pretty good sunday =] Did lots of clothes shopping! God it was so hot though! Lol

    I hope your enjoying your monday =]


  8. Hello there :)
    Aw thank you!!! yes it was amazing...so much fun that's for sure :) I took pictures so I will put some on for you :).
    Ah Sunday shopping, love that! hope you spoilt yourself?? lol. Yeah it was so hot, sadly I was in a car for 3 hrs getting to the o2...wish I didn't live so far away sometimes.
    Back to work today :( boo! hehe was ok though...Thanks for asking :D
    I hope your day is going well?