Sorry :/

Hey my lovelies.... I'm so sorry for lack of posts, I'm on my 2 wks off at the moment. Although I'm not going away, I am out and about :) Just wanted to let you know, as I like to try to do at least 2 posts a week :)
I hope your all doing well? what have you been upto? The weathers been yuck hasn't it?! :( Me and my bf went to see Take That in Cardiff on Wednesday...what a show that was...so much fun! Pet shop boys were the special guests, I've never been a fan of them but I thought they was brilliant!. Are any of you lovelies going or gone? I will say even though Take That put on an amazing show and being there was something I will never forget, I do think the Circus tour was my fav out of the 2 :) But if you have never seen them I recommend you do! hehe :D I just was a bit unhappy about the programme....and it's £20!!! pricetag! :( and all it has inside is pic's! luckily I went halves with my bf :).

I have more pictures if you'd like to see them and if you'd like me to let you know what else I've been upto?
I will do a what I picked up during my holiday after it :)





  1. Ah dont worry, you deserve a break, deffo like to see more piccies :)
    Izzy <3 xx

  2. Hey!
    Aw its ok =] I know what you mean!
    And wowowow you must have had such an AWESOME time! Yes please for more pics! =]
    Btw you have a couple of awards waiting for you on my page =]