I love Barry M!!! :)

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for still following me :) and to all my new followers a big Thank you!!! :-)

I just wanted to share with you my <3 for Barry M nail paints I do have some more then what I'm going to show you in this picture, but I'm sure this will do for now to show you all!. I think there fab! not to expensive, esp when there on 2 for £5 which I always take advantage of when I want any new ones. They last a bout a week sometimes longer, and I don't find they ever chip. I love the colors which is always a bonus hey!
I do have the Nail effect but not in the picture...I don't have a fav as I love them all, but what is your fav?

Have a wonderful evening xxx


  1. you have so many! so jealous haha. My fav is navy I wear it all the time but I'm not a fan of the special effects one x


  2. Wow thats quite a collection...i currently only own 3 :( but navy is my newest and my fav at the moment :) xx

  3. Wow awesome collection! I think my faves (couldn't near it down any further lol!) are navy, raspberry and dusky mauve :-) xxx

  4. Thank you! for all my comments, it looks like Navy is a fav. I will say I do like it a lot :)
    Adrienne, Nail effects is OK but I wouldn't say it's a fav of mine. Appreciate your opinion :).
    I don't think I own Raspberry yet :(, yea I'm lovin' Dusky mauve at the mo :).
    Thanks again girls! xxx

  5. Oooh such a beautiful rainbow of colours u own! =)I love the dusky mauve and the nail effects is amazing!

  6. Can you tell I love them??? hehe I have some more which I've now found! lol same here on the dusky mauve :-) Yeah the Nail effect is such a good look, I've noticed other makes have different colors like silvers & pink!!! I really want now ;)