Shaytards :)

I'm not sure if your all familiar with the Shaytard's channel on youtube? But I love watching them :) they have been filming daily Vlogs for almost 2 yrs now and although sadly I haven't followed them since day 1, I was happy to hear about them from another youtuber called gemsmaquillage, who I've been following for along time now and I think she's so lovely :).
Shaytards are a wonderful family called, ShayCarl (dad) MommyTard(mum) 2 girls PrincessTard & BabyTard (who is also on the front of James Blunts lastest album), 2 son called SonTard and RockTard oh and not forgetting their dog Malachi. (Thats not the real names of them all but its what they call each other on camera :).
Check them out here http://www.youtube.com/user/shaytards?blend=1&ob=4
I love waatching them and I know it's kinda sad I look forward to the next vlog that they post lol, they always make me smile :) and can't help but love them esp baby RockTard who smiles practically all the time lol.
Anyway I know this is not the usual post from me, but I hope it's ok?
let me know what you think pretty please....

Thanks all!

Sarah xxx


  1. I love The Shaytards! I've been watching them for about a year now I think,I love RockTard too especially now he's started crawling so cute! I look forward to the next video too, can't go a day without my Shaytards fix!


  2. I love the Shaytards too! I think I've been watching their vids for almost a year, ever since they popped up on my Youtube homepage. But yeh I look forward to watching their vlogs everyday, they make me smile everyday. I want to be Katietard :) x

  3. Aww Thanks for your comments ladies :-)).
    It's good to see your fans just as much as me hehe, Loved there new video and good to see there all feeling better hey hehe...Amy yeah RockTard is way to cute lol, and I'm sure he will be walking soon, fingers crossed. Katie, lol yeah you can be called Katietard it sounds good to me :) and I'll be called Sarahtard hehe...excellent!

  4. After u commented on my blog about watching the shaytards makes u happy...i was thinking huh?? what it that? =P lol so i youtubed it and omg i think im addicted!! =) thanx so much 4 letting me know about them I have no idea where i'v been living all this time!! =P ♥♥♥

  5. Hehe so know your a fan!! excellent, I know there not to everyones liking but I do love watching them :) I haven't watched all their vlogs from the start but have been watching since I think Oct last yr....and like you said I was addicted lol! there just a nice family and it's good to see them doing so well from all the youtube success. Do you have a youtube channel?
    Aw lol, no problem :)

  6. Yupp im definitely a fan!! I can understand why people might not like them...just the fact their not afraid to show everything about their lives to the whole world...but I think they'r all hilarious! =) And yea it is good that they'r so successful =)
    And noo I dont..i'm reli reli reli lazy when it comes to making myself accounts! lol i made myself a facebook account like last month! (okay actually i didnt even make it....it was my friend who was sick of me for not getting round to it so she kindly made it 4 me!!!) yes i reli am that bad! =P
    how about you??

  7. Aw well I'm so glad you're a fan also :) good for them I say! hehe...Yeah they are very funny.
    Lol I do have a Youtube acc but I don't make video's of myself, have a couple up from concerts but bad quality to be honest. Lol that's funny, I mean it's not massively important to have various accounts but I do like Facebook, well like you my friend told me to get my bum on there yrs ago so I did and I do like to use it sometimes although I don't update my status all the time coz I'm not really bothered with that, but it's nice to have. People love Twitter but that's not for me. LOL nah there's no problem in that, you do what you want to do :)