My make up storage:)

For ages now my make up's been all over the place i.e in draws, make up bags and some still in the carrier bags (silly I know!) So I finally got round to sorting a lot of it out...yipeeee! and thanks to my BF :). Here are the cosmetic cases I bought...

I picked these up from Argos, although at first I wanted silver but they only had pink left but I love them :) £19.99
Here's what it looks like inside with all my random bits inside...

What do you all think?

Hope your all well....

Sarah xxx


  1. That's so cute! i love your make up collection!

  2. Ah that's such a fab way to store make up, they're so cute! xxx

  3. Thank you girls :-)...I've now added some girlie stickers to them xxx

  4. Wow! I love the look of those pink cases! Great system!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  5. Love the make up cases. They are awesome and PINK! Haha..I've been trying to locate ones like that but they are just way too over my budget where I stay..


  6. Nice :)
    Do you think you could do a more detailed one too?
    izzy x

  7. Thanks for following Catanya :-)) very happy girls here hehe.
    Thanks for a lovely comment to xxx
    Charming Vanity... Aw Thanks! Yeah love pink and such a girlie color, ah sorry your unable to get some, but I think Amazon sell these? xxx
    Thanks Izzy....yeah sure I could, did you wanna see everything inside them? and prices etc? xxx

  8. great idea, and love that their pink ! I've done some storage posts on my blog with more to come if you wanna have a look :)

    Laura x

  9. Aw Thanks Laura, yeah I will take a look for sure :) xxx