Which face mask??

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend :)

Ok, so for a while now I've wanted to treat myself to a good face mask, but I have no idea which ones are good and bad. My skin does need some kind of reviving! I wear make up everyday and although I use my face wash, toner, moisturize everyday also I just feel it needs something more.

If any of you could recommend any, that would be wonderful :)

Thanks for reading and helping


  1. I love one of the face masks from Lush, I've forgotten what its called but it has blueberries in it. I don't get it all the time only as a treat. Smells nice but more importantly makes your skin really soft x

  2. Hi Katie....Oooh lovely, I will have to take a look then :).
    Even better when it smells good to :).
    Thanks for letting me know as I really would like one...xxx