Perfume collection :)

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to show you thanks to google images my collection some from the past and now :). Oh would also like to say sorry for the images not being my own, only reason for this a) I don't have my camera with me and b) my perfumes are not all in one place :( but I will certainly try to post a piccie of them at some point if any of you would like that.

Here we go...

This ones a body mist but had to show you this because so yummy to smell hehe :)

Sorry about the massive post of pictures :/

I think my fav at the moment has to be Britney Spears Fantasy :)
There are so many on my wish list though, I'm hoping to get some for my Birthday but we will see :)...
Do you like any of these? whats your fav? and what perfumes do you recommend....

Thanks for looking,

Sarah xxx


  1. Wow you hav quite a collection! =) I love the solid perfume version of BS Fantasy...dunno y it smelt nicer to me than the spray version! (am i just wierd??!!!) =P oh and lacoste touch of pink is my absolute fave =) lurve it! Reli wanna try the avril lavigne one...but im tempted to get the black star instead of this...hav u tried that one? And my recommendation wud be paco rabanne black xs or lady million =) they'r both gorgeous =)(btw sorry for this loong essay!!) ♥♥♥

  2. :-) hehe...Oh right, I didn't know it smelt different, I will probably go find out now out of curiosity lol....and no your not weird at all :-). Ah cool, so your fav is the Lacoste...I do love it, it's a very strong scent that's for sure and great for evenings. I haven't tried Arvil's Black star yet but I'm sure knowing me I will like it, as I like Forbidden Rose ;), not sure if you've seen my post on it? It was a bargain!! hehe....and even better when you like the smell hey.
    Aw Thanks, I will note them and defo test them out :-), sometimes I just wanna try them all out but I feel like a bit of a weirdo just standing there smelling perfumes hehe! So I defo give them a sniff lol...Thank you!
    Oh no don't be sorry, I love it :)....and sorry for mine :-P xxx

  3. huaaa, i wanna try avril lavigne's parfume :)
    let's be friend,follow each other, leave comment in my post so I'll following you then :)


  4. Chanel Mademoiselle is my all time favorite, i live in it x

  5. If u want 2 try the solid version you can get it for like £4 on ebay...its about £22 in the shops! And yea I bought the lacoste for my mum for her anniversary but then ended up stealing it back!! =P lol
    Oh yea I did check out your post...u got the bag with it too didn't u?? soo lucky 2 get it at the price u did =)
    And haha the assistants at boots are used to me swinging in2 the shop and spraying about 50008839388485648375802 different perfumes all over myself =P lol they just look at me! actually on my last expedition over there I discovered that britney spears radiance is also v. nice!
    Aaw lol i'm glad u do =) and nope no need 2 apologise either =)its actually amazing that u answer everybody's questions/comments =) ♥♥♥

  6. That is a huge but lovely collection.
    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is one of my all time favourite!

    Squeeze The Pug

  7. Indah Nainggolan. I'm pretty sure you can buy or test from Boots still :)...I'll be sure to check your blog out in a mo :) xxx
    Nikkay, yeah isn't it so nice hehe but I'm in need to a new bottle very soon :) but will probably have to save up as it's quite pricey :-/ but still love it! xxx
    Sara, Oh wow £4!!! that's a bargain...Thanks for that I will have nosey on Ebay :). Haha now that's not good as it was meant for your mum lol! I will say my mum likes to use mine without me knowing..well she thinks I don't know! ;). Yeah that's right a clutch bag/purse and it's purple inside, perfect for evenings/ weddings etc :) and the lotion also but I don't use the lotions so not sure what to do with that.
    Haha excellent, at least there used to you doing that hehe I've only been kinda told off by a friend saying 'you can't do that' and I'm like erm yes I can hehe ;) they just giggle. But it's all good :p, Ohh yeah I'm yet to test that one, I'll try that this weekend :)..Thanks for reminding me.
    Aw Yeah I try to make sure I reply :) I haven't had this many questions, comments before so for me I absolutely love it :) and I'm more than happy to, it's nice to chat to people who are into similar things.
    Love those little hearts you put :) xxx
    Squeeze the pug, hehe cute name :) Thanks so much!, Yeah it's just such a lovely scent defo one I love xxx

  8. Britney's perfumes are actually really nice, I love ghost as well but haven't tried this one. Chanel is to die for too!

    nice blog, come check mine out too if you like :)



  9. Lol i'm such an ebay addict!! The latest i'm hunting for on there is the benetint..seriously want that! And lol me and my mum end up getting ready in each others rooms!! =P I love her makeup/perfume collection and she loves mine!! and i know exactly what u mean about body lotions! I never use them either...always try my best to do but never get round to it. Maybe u should sell it on ebay???
    and aww it is reli sweet of u =) yea i get all happy when people comment on mine..I know wht u mean about tlking 2 people who love similar stuff =) lol makes you feel normal about yourself when u know your not the only one getting stupidly excited about 'that lipstick' =P ♥♥♥ <--- and aww thanx!!!