Happy red nose day!

Yay I love watching Comic Relief, so you can tell what I'll be mostly doing tonight :)
I don't usually watch a lot of TV but I will always sit back and watch this!
It's such a wonderful way to raise money and people all over the country will be doing what they can to raise a bit. I even saw people dressed up in their PJ's, and men just wearing a dressing gowns today (lol I don't wish to think whats underneath ;))...but it's all for a great cause hey! :)
I wasn't able to pick up a nose :( but I think they look fab lol, captain conk I believe one is named...very funny!. Did anyone see the Let's dance for Comic Relief? it was so good! and the winners were James Thornton and Charlie Baker with a tap dance...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOJmJoKDKkY&feature=player_embedded very good indeedy.

Hope you have had a lovely day...and if your watching tonight, enjoy :)



  1. Same!
    But I only managed until 12 oclock, didnt make the end of the programme did you?
    Izzy x

  2. :)
    I couldn't manage to watch till the end either, but recorded the rest. Loved Smithy's bit, very funny...such an amazing amount we raised :) very emotional also :(.
    Hope you better hun?