I love purple!

I bought this nail varnish about a month ago but only just got round to wearing it :)
So I thought i would show you all what it looks like...

It's Avon's Matte nailwear in the color Violetta, I bought it from ebay brand new for £2.85 that's inc p&p.

I really like it, what do you think?
(soory about my awfully bad skin:()


  1. I love the colour i also have it :)

  2. Love bargains from ebay! =) And that colour is very pretty... matte polishes are so cool!


  3. Aww Thank you!!! for your comment Beauty shades :))

    LOL yeah I love a bargain! I will say having worn it less than 24 hrs it started to chip easily :( but I was working so that didn't help....and you can't really put a top coat on because it will end up shiny and it's meant to be a matte varnish :) Ah well I like it otherwise hehe :P
    Hope your ok

  4. Oh thats a bit of a shame that it chips so fast =( but...you could try a matte topcoat to make it last longer and keep the matte-ness! =P Lol but yea it is a gorge colour =)
    And me is good thanxx =) Thank you for asking! How about you??


  5. Oh see I didn't even know you could get a matte topcoat :/ I don't do a good job at researching things do i?lol...I will have a look now...Thank you!!! :)
    Aw I'm g;ad your good, I'm fab Thanks as I know have time off yipee!! Thank youi for asking also :))

  6. That is a really pretty colour!