Oscar time!

So ladies, wether you watched the Oscars or not I'm sure you love to see what all the actresses decide to wear that night? I know I do ;) hehe if only we could all afford to buy one hey!?.
Here's some I didn't like...

Cate Blanchett

Helena Bonham Carter

Michelle Williams

Penelope Cruz

And some I did...

Hailee Steinfeld

Jennifer Hudson

Natalie Portman

And here's my fav of all...

Reese Witherspoon
She was wearing a Armani Prive dress.
I think it looks simple yet stunning and my sort of dress that I would wear.
She looks beautiful in it and I love her hair and she added a few pieces of jewelery which didn't look to much :)

So did you have a favorite dress?

Thanks for reading hope your all having a good week so far!!!


  1. Reese's was my favorite also. I'm so glad someone else thinks the same! So many people don't like it. Critics have also panned Hailee. But she's so young! The dress is perfect for someone of her age.

    M - Even Artichokes Have Hearts ♥

  2. Ah yeah I'm so glad to see someone else like it also :) I think it's perfect!. Yeah I heard that, but to be honest I like it and like you said she's young and I'm sure she'll have plenty more Oscar dresses to come :)
    Thank you for your comment xxx