New Nail polish!!! :)

Hello there everyone, I do hope you had a yummy pancake day? and hope you've all had a lovely week so far! :)

I just wanted to show my new China glaze nail polish I bought last week from ebay, it arrived this week so I popped it on my nails and snapped away!.
Here's a piccie to show you...

It's called Neon Flying dragon and it was £4.49 15ml

It comes out matt, which i didn't expect but you can always put clear varnish over the top to shine it up! :)

What do you think?



  1. I like the colour but i only use it with a top coat because when it drys matte i cannot see the glitter :) My one i got it on a swap with a friend :)

  2. Yeah I think I will put a top coat on, I havent tried that yet but I'm sure it will look so much better :)
    Thank you for your comment!

  3. OOooh wow! I lurve all shades of purple polish but this one is stunning! =) Also i'm quite liking the matte effect on this =)

  4. Hehe Thanks Sara :) Oh yeah me to, love purple :))
    Yeah it's nice matte but I think it will defo give it a different look with a clear gloss, I will give it a go :)