Mac Quite cute collection :)

I'm a huge fan of Mac makeup, and always like to read up on new collections that are coming up. I'm still waiting for my Wonder women items to come, so I can show you :) But I'm really looking forward to the next one, it's called Quite cute :) and that to me sounds adorable! lol. Having looked at photo's and swatches I'm defo going to be purchasing a few items when it's released in April time :).
Here's some promo pictures...

I'm really liking the lipsticks and the mineralized blushes look so sweet with the hearts :)
It certainly is cute!!!

What do you all think???


  1. MAC is the best! This collection does look cute lol It's a shame I don't have the money to try out all these wonderful products but it's nice to hear what other people have to say about them :)


  2. Ooh :)
    Cant wait for this collection :)
    How are yooh?
    izyz x

  3. Sarai, Ah yeah Mac's one of my favs! I just love to see whats up and coming and I'll save hard if I can, for the items I like :)
    Bless, Thanks for your comment :)

    Izzy, It's quite exciting lol!
    I'm doing great Thanks, just enjoying a lazy Sunday and watching a film.
    Hope your doing ok?